Infection Control Basics for Seniors and Caregivers

Published On: March 16, 2021Categories: Senior CareTags: , ,

Infection Control Basics for Seniors and Caregivers

Seniors are at higher risk of getting COVID-19; therefore, both caregivers and family members must practice proper infection control and prevention to avoid putting their loved ones in harm’s way.

As a certified home health agency in Virginia, we prioritize the health and safety of all our clients. As such, we’ve put together this list of standard precautions caregivers and family members should take to protect their loved ones.

  • Perform Proper Hand Hygiene
    Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds to help rid your hands of harmful germs and bacteria. All our staff in our home care agency in Woodbridge, Virginia, are instructed to wash their hands before and after administering care to patients.
  • Use Proper PPE
    To avoid passing on an infection to your loved ones, wear the necessary PPE recommended by the CDC. Wear a mask and gloves when administering care to loved ones, preparing food, or handling any high-touch objects at home.
  • Follow Proper Respiratory Hygiene
    If you feel the need to sneeze or cough, make sure to cover your mouth with either a handkerchief or the fold of your elbow.
  • Get Vaccinated
    Getting yourself and your loved one vaccinated is a great way to prevent infection and disease. Ask your doctor to schedule you all for vaccination if you haven’t yet.

We, at All in All Home Care, are a certified home health and pediatric home care agency in Virginia. If you or your loved ones ever need assistance at home, we’re the people to call.

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