1. Caring for a Stroke Survivor at Home

    If you are caring for a stroke survivor, there are many things that you will need to consider when it comes to meeting your loved one’s needs - whether it’s for the next month or the following years. Not to worry, All in All Home Care is here to help. While you can most definitely invest in a ho…Read More

  2. The Top Risk Factors of Mental Illness In Seniors

    Mental health disorders affect about 20% of seniors in the US. Unfortunately, about one in three of those seniors does not receive treatment. That’s quite a hefty number, and this is because seniors are less likely to ask for help. Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders among the e…Read More

  3. Signs of Mental Illness in Children

    Mental illness not only happens to adults but also in children. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six children aged 2-8 years old is diagnosed with mental disorder in the US. It appears that untreated mental illness can lead to behavioral and developmental …Read More

  4. Tips to Manage Your Loved One’s Lifestyle Diseases

    Lifestyle diseases are illnesses that are brought about and/or caused by an unhealthy diet and the ways a person lives their life. Examples of such habits and ways of living are sedentary lifestyles, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and drug abuse, among others. These lifestyles are linked to…Read More

  5. Finding the Right Home Health Partner

    Choosing a Home care agency in Woodbridge, Virginia, means choosing a trusted and reliable partner, and All in All Home Care strives to be that kind of partner. A partner that will help you enhance your quality of life and achieve your health goals. The patient and the family may have several reason…Read More

  6. What Home Care Services Can I Avail Of? (Part 1)

    So you’ve decided to enlist the services of a home care agency in Woodbridge, Virginia, like All in All Home Care for your loved one. We’re sure the decision was made with a lot of factors to consider; ones that involved your loved one’s comfort, your family’s arrangements, and expenses, amo…Read More

  7. Caregiving as a Passion

    Caregiving ranks as one of the top careers in the healthcare industry. This comes to no surprise considering factors that amp up the need for specialized care, such as the rapid rate of worldwide aging rate and the increase in the number of individuals with limited physical, mental, or cognitive abi…Read More